Project Samsara

Project Samsara

In a world where war is a constant thing, people are becoming more and more unwilling to serve as soldiers. However, war must go on...

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Project Samsara is a realtime, multiplayer twitch shooter -- or at least it aims to be. Survive the zombie hordes using your weapons (current pistol, shotgun, bombs, and a paralyzing EMP weapon)!
  • WASD to move
  • SPACE or MOUSE LEFT CLICK to shoot
  • B for drop bomb
  • 1 to equip pistol
  • 2 to equip shotgun
  • 3 to fire EMP
  • X to pickup/drop objects
Project SamsaraProject Samsara
Project SamsaraProject Samsara

Three minigames are available:

Zombie Wave Room

Survive endless waves of zombies. As long as at least one human player is in the room ... the waves continue! See how far you can get.

Capture the Flag

Find the flag with the same color as your team dot, and carry it to the X (goal) that matches that color, and win! You will join one of 2 possible teams for cool team play dynamics. You can pick up the opposing team's goal and hide it/keep it away from them.

Battle Royale

Name says it all. Battle other players, no holds barred!

We'd love to hear what you think. Please feel free to let us know at!